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Digital Marketing Stratergy

For your business to reach its potential you need to be proactive. Before taking action, ask yourself: will these actions give you a good return on investment? Are these actions effective? By partnering with us and implementing our digital marketing strategies, you won’t need to question these things. All our strategies are fed from reliable data-driven insights about your business, and we measure the effectiveness of your actions as well as proposing the best fitting solution going forward, making your business dreams a reality.

Why does my company need a digital marketing strategy?

Most companies have some online presence. They have a website. They use social media intermittently. They email their user base with current and new offerings. They even may post the occasional blog post. And they do get some business in.

But is this enough?

If you think it is, then you can probably stop reading and move on. But if you want your company to grow and reach its potential, having an integrated digital marketing strategy is where you should start. Always.

A change of approach by:

Marrying all your digital media channels together to give a consistent and succinct message.

Linking your content.

Posting to social media with purpose that drives traffic.

Building up a list of users that actually want to hear from you and produce content that drives traffic to your site.

Creating linkable and searchable blog posts

All of these elements will ultimately translate into more clients and more sales.

This all starts with a digital marketing strategy.

How does a digital marketing strategy improve my company’s visibility and sales?

95% of all purchases are driven by the sub-conscious mind controlled by emotions*. No matter how informed a customer thinks their purchasing habits are, it is emotion that drives them to part with their money.

Everything you post must be consistent - consistent in tone and message. Every communication that comes from your company must align with your brand image and story. This is how you will consistently and effectively engage your user base and potential clients. To do this, we create user personas, who represent who your user base is and what drives them to purchase. Using this knowledge, we will know what tone of voice encourages them to read on and what emotion driven narrative makes them purchase. This is the foundation of your digital marketing strategy and every new piece of content that is created should link back to this story.

Once your user personas are defined, an audit of all current marketing channels is conducted to analyse how your company is currently marketing to your customers. Knowing what paid, earned, and owned media you utilise and what work for your company now, as well as what social media accounts your company runs, will also be analysed. But we know that what you are doing is only half of the story. It’s imperative to know what your competitors are doing as well, so we’ll analyse their channels for extra insights of how they market to your potential customers. All this information then feeds into the digital marketing strategy.

We will then assign your business a roadmap of how to achieve this, first by establishing tangible short-term targets for you to meet, and then assigning a budget to push your marketing drive. Setting short-term, medium-term and long-term goals will define where the company your company is going and the steps you’ll need to take to get there. What channels are most effective for communicating with your target persona, what methods will greatly improve your online visibility - all of these questions will help inform our tailored digital strategy for your business.

Once the strategy is complete, we will help you implement your plan in whatever area you need so your company can reach its potential.



How much do digital marketing strategies cost to create and implement?

We know the cost of paid for ads can quickly spiral out of control. But the truth is, strategy implementation shouldn’t cost you the earth. They don’t have to and anyone who insists they should isn’t being upfront with you.

Contact us to see how cost effective a proper data-driven strategy is to implement.

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