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Incremental Marketing

Updating your website and marketing channels regularly keeps your content fresh and your website up-to-date. But more than this, it delivers increased visibility, enhanced SEO capabilities and drives more traffic to your website.

Why adding regular content to your marketing channels will incrementally increase your company’s reputation.

Content is more than just a blog article or social media post. Every image, email, video, audio, animation, and written text that your company produces should be driven from your content strategy, so that it is succinct and consistent with your brand image and story.

Adding regular content to your website and posting on your marketing channels has multiple benefits:

Your company’s visibility and reputation increases.

Adds links for search terms in search engines.

Increases the amount of traffic to your website.

Puts your company in charge of its own narrative.

Gives your company a wealth of knowledge online to reuse.

Shows visitors on your website that your industry leading.

Making user experience changes, adding design flare, creating more interactions for your customers, installing new useful plugins, integrating with the latest digital platforms and social media all add to the overall user experience. Making a user's journey easier to navigate, more accessible and quicker will result in more leads converting to sales.

Achieve an increase in leads and sales with regular content

Posting blogs, case studies and reviews will establish your company as a thought-leading business in your industry. And if these new pieces of content are SEO-led, this will also add more links into search engines which will increase the amount of traffic to your site.

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What goals should I be setting to improve my company’s website?

An overarching strategy with short, medium and long-term goals will feed all the marketing that your business does, and this includes your content strategy. 

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